Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Jason's Chicago Tattoos

Here's another set of photos in our Orphans category.

Back in August, as my company was closing down, our new parent company had a few guys from Chicago visit our digs, looking for assets to transfer to their office in the Chicago area.

They spent several days in Manhattan and we interacted during the day as we all went about our work.

On one particularly warm day (it was August in New York City, after all), one of the guys, Jason, was wearing a tank top, and I spotted some ink on his arm. He consented to my taking pictures for the site, and was supposed to get back to me to discuss further and properly credit the artists involved. As the saying goes, I never heard from him again.

First off, he had the Chicago skyline tattooed on his upper arm:

The script at the bottom says "South Side," referring to the area of the city where he was from.

Like many Chicagoans, Jason is a huge sports fan, thus the collage of his allegiances on his biceps:

For the unitiated, those are logos, from left to right, of the Chicago White Sox (baseball), The Bears (football), the Bulls (basketball), and the Blackhawks (hockey).

He credited the work to Firehouse Tattoos in Chicago. As I mentioned earlier, I was unable to get the name(s) of any artist(s) affiliated with the work, nor was I able to get any additional comments or back story from Jason.

Thanks to Jason for sharing these tattoos with us here on Tattoosday. It's nice sharing a bit of the Windy City here on our Big Apple blog!

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