Friday, 2 November 2012

Preview: Thom DeVita on Vice's Tattoo Age Coming Soon!

Vice has released a trailer for their third installment of this, their second season of Tattoo Age.

Featured is tattoo legend Thom DeVita:


This looks to be a different episode than those that have aired in the past.

We are told this is a longer feature broken up into five parts (rather than the normal three).

From Vice:

"[It's] the epic story of Thom DeVita through a series of "inter-visits." We find out about how Thom began tattooing in New York City in the late 60s when the practice was illegal, and hear from Don Ed Hardy, Nick Bubash, Scott Harrison, John Wyatt, Angelo Scotto, Bubba Reeves, and Robert Ryan, among others. This will be one of the more in-depth documentaries released by Tattoo Age and VICE as a whole."

The only bad thing is we have to wait until November 21st for the first installment. We'll post here on Tattoosday when part 1 goes live.

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