Wednesday, 6 October 2010

How To Find Good Body Painting Supplies

How To Find Good Body Painting Supplies

Here's some steps to finding and using good body painting supplies.
Know what kind of body painting supplies you need:

There are many kinds of paint out there, and most are not for body painting. The right kind of body paint is tested for use on human skin and safe to use for overall body painting. They say they are for body painting specifically. You will also want to get some good brushes and sponges for body painting. Also, cheap stiff brushes will be uncomfortable for the person you are body painting. You can find sponges in the same places you will find body paint.

There are three best suppliers for body paints and body painting that I have found.
1. Snazaroo is marketed mostly for face painting, and in particular face painting for children.
2. Kryolan mainly specializes in theatrical and professional body painting supplies, and
3. Mehron is a pro makeup company that also specializes in body painting needs. Think about what you want to use your face or body paints for.

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